Infinite Hope is an intentional week-long series for the disenfranchised Christian. The kind of person that has seen hypocrisy, real pain, and alienation. Their critiques are justified.

Curious? Here's a Sneak Peek.

Infinite Hope is a safe space in the middle of it all.
No question is too naive, and no pain is too ugly.

"What's in it for me?"
No subtext here…well actually, “This is for people like you who have justified reasons to not go to church.”​

Reason 1

The church hurt me

Reason 2

Christians are hypocrites

Reason 3

Does God even exist?

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About Heather Thompson Day

Dr. Heather Thompson Day is an interdenominational speaker and contributor for Religion News Service, Newsweek and the Barna Group. She is also an Associate Professor of Communication at Colorado Christian University.

She is passionate about supporting women, and runs an online community called I’m That Wife which has over 100k followers.

Series Airs Nightly at 7pm CDT

“Because what you give your attention to is the person you become.”

If you’re a college student, young professional, or just tired of falling into the constant loop of hurry and burnout…this is for you.

Join our raw and honest discussion and be filled with the truth that you’re not alone in this.

Remember what we learned from infinitehope2020. It can’t end like this.

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